Friday, June 12, 2009

Outdoor Cat Enclosures - How to Safely Keep a Cat in the Backyard

Most cat experts will tell you that it is best to keep a pet cat indoors. It's a fact that indoor cats will live three to five times as long inside as their outdoor counterparts. Outdoor cats tend to not live as long due to predators, famine, disease, busy roads and inclement weather.

The problem is that many indoor cats spend their entire lives wanting and needing to get outdoors. They want to enjoy the sun, eat the grass, chase insects and enjoy the outside air. Many cat owners nowadays are looking for a way to give their cat the best of both worlds.

Many owners are now turning to outdoor cat enclosures which allow cats to enjoy the outside world, while still being protected from those items mentioned earlier that can reduce life expectancy. These cat enclosures allow felines to bask in the sun, get much needed exercise, eat grass which helps their digestive systems and just get a breath of fresh air.

These outdoor feline enclosures are typically made from fencing materials or wire and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be used in backyard of almost any size, a deck or patio and some area even made to install on a window sill.

Pricing for these enclosure systems tend to run somewhere in the $100-$800 range, depending on the size and features you want. For a single cat though, you should be able to find a unit for under $200 that your cat will love.

Using an enclosure system to protect your kitty is like getting the best of both worlds for your cat. It gets to benefit from the long life expectancy of indoor cats while also getting to enjoy some time outside to do what cats do.

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