Friday, October 2, 2009

Cat Urine Cleaning - Every Cat Owner Has to Clean That Urine Sometime

Cat urine cleaning is a task that befalls every cat owner at some point. Most cats are pretty good about using their litter trays, but sometimes when a cat is unwell, or feeling upset they can have their little accidents.

It's not the soaking up the pool of urine that's the problem, use enough paper towels or absorbent cloth and it soaks up easy enough. It is best to get to it before the cat pee soaks in though!

The tricky part of cat urine cleaning is the stains and the dreadful lingering odor.

Most household cleaning products will not do a very good job of cleaning up cat urine, preventing stains and neutralizing the smell. The problem with these cleaners is that they are ammonia based.

As you may know, when a cat urinates in a spot, even accidentally, she is likely to use that spot again. Leave any hint of your cat's urine smell and she'll think it is
okay for a repeat performance. What does ammonia smell like? Yes, it smells very much like pee. Use an ammonia cleaner and again, your cat will think that spot must be the place for her toilet. Cleaning products that are scented are not much use, they may cover up the smell for you, but they won't for your cat.

There are many cat urine cleaning products available which are enzyme based. These specialized cleaners are more costly than ordinary cleaners of course, but they stand a far greater chance of getting the result that you want. These enzyme cleaners do not mask the urine odor they neutralize it. How well they work depends on the surface your cat peed on, how deep the urine has soaked in and how well you use the cleaner.

When cleaning your cat's little accident from a carpet remember it does not take long at all for the urine to soak through. If it has then you will also need to clean the under padding and possibly the floor beneath. If it is a fitted carpet that may mean pulling it up. However, there is a very good cat urine cleaning product that comes with an injector so you can tackle the underside without having to roll up your carpeting. As with all the urine cleaners, it may take more than one application.

If your wood floor is well sealed then cleaning up your cat's urine should not be too difficult, but you still need to use an enzyme product to do it properly. If there are cracks in your wood floor your cat's pee is sure to seep through them, so you have to get the cleaner down there too.

Cat's do not just have accident's on the floor, oh no. They will urinate on your upholstered furniture, your bed, your clothing, just about anywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes you just can't eliminate that awful whiff, and all you can do is dispose of the soiled item. But, tackling the job the with the right cleaner, in the right way, often means that you can save whatever it is your cat decided to bless.

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